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Lent Cleanse 2021 - Complete Registration

Now it's time to finalize up your registration.


Order your Shaklee 7-Day Cleanse

  1. Visit Shaklee's Website

  2. Add (1) cleanse kit to your cart.

  3. Select checkout icon.

  4. Select checkout icon once again.

  5. Complete form (Steps 1-4).

  6. For Step 5 in the form, use either the Shaklee ID or Email below:

  7. Complete Step 6 in the form.

  8. Click submit!


**NOTE: If you would like to become a member of Shaklee it is just a one time $25 fee, and you will receive 15% off of products.

Submit your Registration Fee

Cost: $25

Payment Methods: PayPal or Venmo

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