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December 10th: Day Three - Eat

What goes into your vessel?


VISUALIZATION: From your sacred space, take 5 looong, deeeep breaths. Play Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel . Contemplate what, if anything, holds you captive from achieving or maintaining the body and sustainable health you desire. Now, really listen or read the words to this age old “Christmas Carol.” It is a powerful anthem of hope as God With Us comes to break chains and shine a light on a new path forward in Christ. Can you use this vision of the Messiah bringing you victory over what holds your health captive? Connect with your journal vision of being the vessel of ideal health you hold for yourself. As you rejoice in Emmanuel, think, feel, and do (in your mind) the things you would if you had the energy, strength, no pain, and vitality that you desire.


Staying in your sacred space, REFLECT on the following and if you would like, write any thoughts in your journal, use the questions as prompts:

Read the good news in John Chapter 14:23-24 & 15:1-7

Contemplate who you are as a dwelling place for God. This includes your very own body, your vessel, your temple. Can you use your understanding of the beauty and power of being a dwelling for God to make life-giving choices around food and nutrition? Have you ever set goals around diet? What was your experience like?


EAT: Food challenge for today: No sugar, ever again.

Just kidding. I wouldn’t even dare suggest such a thing during the holidays. But, here is what I DO propose. Just as I had you journal on day one to bring awareness to how you think about your body, and day 2 brought awareness to how you move your body, let’s bring awareness to what you put in your body.

No matter how healthy you may or may not already eat, today you will be mindful all day of how/what you eat in two ways:

Before you put anything in your mouth:

  1. Pause, become mindful of what foods you are choosing today. Before each bite, ask yourself if you are truly hungry or if the need to eat is coming from some other motivation. See how honest you can be with yourself.

  2. Acknowledge the nutritional quality (or lack thereof) and then give thanks to God for your food no matter the size of the portion. Do this before every meal, snack, or random left over plate scraps from the kids that you decide to put in your mouth.



by 7:15 am so set an alarm now!


A prayer for your day: Lord, first and foremost, come fill my vessel with your grace and love. May your grace help me to always pursue a healthy lifestyle that my body may be a pure dwelling place for you to remain in me as I remain in you.

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