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December 12th DAY FIVE : MOVE

The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

VISUALIZATION: From your sacred space, take 5 looong, deeeep breaths. Set a timer if you need. Connect with the vision and feeling of being the vessel of ideal health you hold for yourself. Think, feel, and do (in your mind) the things you would do if you had the energy, strength, no pain, and vitality that you desire. Give focus and contemplation to St Paul’s words as if they are your own, “Christ is magnified in my body.” Let these words bring you strength, energize your body, and nurture your vitality as you repeat them out loud.

Staying in your sacred space, REFLECT on the following and if you would like, write any thoughts in your journal:

Read the good news in Luke Chapter 1:39-45

This passage fits in beautifully with today being dedicated to movement. These verses are physically dynamic in nature. First, Mary goes about traveling the hill country to see Elizabeth, a distance of approximately 100 miles, which she travelled “in haste” nonetheless. Man, I wish I could have traveled with that woman! She must have has boundless energy, even while pregnant! Hill country implies rich texture and varied terrain to navigate through, probably a great challenge to today’s modern mover. Then, when Elizabeth and Mary come together, Elizabeth’s infant (twice) “leaped in her womb (with joy).”


Inspired by this passage, your challenge today, or in the next day or 2, is to map out a total of at least 3 miles (yes, of course you can do 100 if you want!) where you will walk (or run), as Mary did, with the purpose of physically bringing someone some form of joy. Dark chocolate brings me lots of joy (wink, wink). If you can’t reach anyone in a reasonable radius from your front door, you can also park within 3 or more miles away, then walk. Plan it any way you want; surprise, planned, bring a healthy dish to share, an uplifting book, or walk your town with homemade sandwiches that you can hand out to the homeless. Get creative, go the distance, bring the joy, and enjoy the movement. Maybe even say a rosary along the way.

Below you will find your MOVEment videos for today. But first a reflection for today’s feast day:

Many moons ago my husband and I were in Mexico City and we visited the basilica where Juan Diego’s tilma is preserved and on display. Sprawled out before the entrance is a large plaza made of brick pavers. It is custom for people (who choose) to “walk” to the basilica on their knees, from sometimes hours away. Typically this is a gesture of gratitude to God through Mary when that persons’ prayers have been answered or a healing has occurred when Our Lady of Guadalupe as been asked for her intercession. Those who drop to and move by knee call me into question. How can I use my body and movement as a way of giving praise and thanks to God? When have I ever intentionally pushed my body in a sacrificial manner through movement? Can I create my own ritual of using my body as a form of praise other than the mass? Things to ponder while you are eating Mexican food tonight!

For an hour long explanation going into great historical detail and detail about the tilma, here is a video done by Father Tony here in Colorado. The first 30 minutes are piecing together the history and evidence for the authenticity of Juan Diego’s existence and the miracle image on the tilma.

A prayer for your day: Lord, in you we live, and move, and have our being. May we live and move and be always with gratitude and thanksgiving. Amen

Video 1

More movement about the pelvis!

Only 2 videos are available.

Video 2

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