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December 7th: Ready, Set,....



Yes, Advent is well under way!

But for very good reason, we are going to start our journey tomorrow, on The Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary and end our travels together on December 22nd.

Laid out for you in the days to come are simple challenges for your heart, mind, and body. The challenges are simple and scalable to fit your schedule and ability, but commit yourself fully! Your commitment to each action will energize you and bring you life! I recommend at least reading the day's challenge in the morning. Doing each task early in the day is optimal as well.

This challenge is intended to bring to the forefront of your mind, why your health is important and how to find joy and meaning in tending to it daily. So, we are here to practice both our faith, and the actions that support a health body. By no means is it exhaustive when it comes to everything we can do for our self health care. My mission is to lay out the steps that you can take to gain energy, peace and strength. My hope is that you see how your faith and your health are beautifully intertwined together. You are going to learn to tap into the energy sources God has made so plentiful for us that are available around you, while also tapping into the life-giving truths of the Catholic faith!

Each day’s challenge will contain one or more of the following to be done at any time of day or evening, but morning would be best:

  • A visualization exercise

  • Scripture, spiritual reading, or tradition reflection

  • A call to action related to eating

  • A call to action related to praying

  • A call to action related to moving (some might call it exercise)



You have probably already begun preparing for Advent in many different ways, but right now I want you to prep, specifically, for this 2 week challenge.

What will you need for the journey ahead?

Have a Bible handy. We will be using a Lectio Divina approach to reflecting on Scripture and other spiritual writings/reflections as a means to embrace the promptings of how God can shape our understanding of our bodies and our health through the Word and the Church..

  1. A journal/pen & paper for your reflections, questions, ideas, aah-haa moments

  2. A space in your home for moving/exercising, 8’x 8’ should be big enough. If you have the ability, keep this space sacred for this time. Keep it decluttered, inviting, even special, so you will want to go there. Preferably this space is on the floor. You will be asked to go here each day.

  3. Your phone, or another device for keeping time

  4. Anything related to food, I will give you instructions on the day before for anything you need the following day. This might mean you have to make an extra trip to the store from time to time. Stay committed!

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