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Over the Hump!

They say prayer is a movement of the heart toward God. Perhaps the mindful movements of our body can be lifted up toward God as well; glorifying Him through our own flesh just as he lifts us up through His.

You have made it over the hump of the 7 day cleanse! Please keep up the discipline in the final 2 and a half days as we propel ourselves into the rest of Lent. Take some time today and tomorrow to think about how you will want to move forward beyond the cleanse. Do you want to jump straight back into eating patterns that had to change this week? Do you want to keep going with just fruits and veggies? On our final call tomorrow I will discuss suggestions for taking the middle path and how you can ease back into balanced eating. I am also going to enter everyone into a drawing for a chance to win a plant protein Life Shake from Shaklee (chocolate or vanilla), as well a bonus offer!

Enjoy your last movement session! And thank you so much for being here and stretching yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually!

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