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"Ninja Massage..."

I hope you'll enjoy these testimonials. I even admit that it is hard to describe what I do to destress the body so I thought I would get a couple of clients to help me using their own experience. Emily (the lady in red, second video) describes Body Stress Release as "ninja massage," and it makes me laugh every time! You can have a listen to see what she means...

If you are ready to take advantage of the post cleanse bonus offer, great! You can start by going here.

My offer to you is continued health coaching support from now until Easter (with the option to continue) including:

-Customized support for your individual goals

-Weekly support coaching calls for 5 weeks (with the option to continue)

-Simple weekly educational focus and implementation

-3 (60 or 90 min) in-person, hands-on bodywork sessions for your post-detox destressing

and movement assessment ($225 value)

-Cost: $375

-Offer ends Friday February 26th

If you do not want to pursue further coaching but are interested in trying bodywork or restorative movement training only, with me, you can reach out or book your first session now!

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