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"I have struggled with my weight and body image most of my life. Elizabeth helped me focus on my mental perspectives vs. diet rules and it has changed everything! Shifting my thought perspectives I know for the first time in my life, this is a forever change. My body is returning to its natural state and it has NEVER felt so simple, guilt and shame free, and sustainable. Thanks Elizabeth for changing my life for the good!!!!"

                                            - Joby Roberts

Elizabeth Krier

 Calling all ladies out of your comfort zone and into a

Free & Fit Body after 40!


It can be done!

It will be done!

And there is no better time to make your transformation than in this stage of your life. Let me show you why!

My mission is to guide you to create freedom and fitness from the inside out, while you build a better body, love yourself, and serve others well.


I know you remember the younger, fitter, thinner version of yourself, but things changed. Babies come and grow, careers take up time and energy, and years of thought patterns seemed to be 'hard-wired' into your brain. Now you are lost in the wilderness of weight gain and energy loss.

Are you feeling like you are lost the wilderness with no survival skills when it comes to trying to lose weight or improve energy?

If so, you need a Guide, and that's where I come in to help!


Let's pack your bag for an amazing trek back to a better body.

I can lead you out of survival-mode and into full-thriving mode.

Book a Free mini-trek with me

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