Body Stress Release


What is body stress? 

Body Stress is the term for any tension that is stored in the physical structure that has not managed to release. Over our lives, stress and tension builds up and is stored in our bodies. This often produces incredible discomfort and can result in chronic pain, emotional distress, and illness. The Body Stress Release (BSR) technique uses feedback from the client's body to then precisely apply a gentle and direct pressure, by hand, allowing stored stresses to release naturally. The objective of BSR is to release the tension and stress held in your body in order to facilitate its healing, naturally. BSR is incredibly gentle and uses feedback the body provides to locate stress & tension and release it. BSR helps to reduce the muscle tension so that the nervous system can also function more efficiently and stimulate a healing response throughout the body. As a trained BSR practitioner, Elizabeth uses a specific-to-BSR process to detect how tension is being stored using the body as a biofeedback mechanism. It is the automatic response of the body that provides the information needed to release the body’s stored stress.

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NES Health miHealth device.

  • This is a hand-held device that combines a few highly effective technologies including PEMF, SCENAR, TENS, biofeedback, and bioenergetic information.

  • Sessions include complimentary use of the device to further support the healing process.

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"I have gone through a lot of different treatment protocols, visited numerous specialists, had multiple MRIs, more physical therapy sessions than I can remember for nerve pain that has been a constant part of my life for over 5 years. Though with improvement but never being able to get to a point where the discomfort and pain were being reduced drastically. I have had 3 sessions with Elizabeth and even after the first session I could feel sensation in my right arm that I never have felt before with other regiments. I am consistently getting a pulse in my right hand - which is a first, along with being able to sleep consistently, and to include substantial more energy. Elizabeth's work is different but you must be willing to have a holistic mindset for your health and take the time after each session to make progress on your own. The techniques work.

Thank you, Elizabeth"

                                        -Nathan Richmond