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the Body Stress Release technique
...reduce the effects of stress and you'll build a better body...
It's that simple.



What is body stress? 

Body Stress is the term for any tension that is stored in the physical structure that has not managed to release and often produces incredible discomfort, chronic pain, emotional distress, and illness leading to issues such as:

Back Pain • Neck Pain • Headaches • Migraines • Low Energy Levels • Sciatica Pain • Joint Issues, etc

Your trained BSR practitioner, Elizabeth uses a specific-to-BSR process to detect how tension is being stored using the body as a biofeedback mechanism. It is the automatic response of the body that provides the information needed to release the body’s stored stress.

B.S.R. is a unique, hands-on, bodywork technique that initiates self-healing through improving the function of the body's nervous system. The practitioner assess the body for how it is storing tension and compression and through a series of gently applied techniques, releases muscular tension and areas of palpatory pain.

First time clients are highly encouraged to begin with a 3 session series over a period of 11 to 14 days.

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"I have gone through a lot of different treatment protocols, visited numerous specialists, had multiple MRIs, more physical therapy sessions than I can remember for nerve pain that has been a constant part of my life for over 5 years. Though with improvement but never being able to get to a point where the discomfort and pain were being reduced drastically. I have had 3 sessions with Elizabeth and even after the first session I could feel sensation in my right arm that I never have felt before with other regiments. I am consistently getting a pulse in my right hand - which is a first, along with being able to sleep consistently, and to include substantial more energy. Elizabeth's work is different but you must be willing to have a holistic mindset for your health and take the time after each session to make progress on your own. The techniques work.

Thank you, Elizabeth"

                                        -Nathan Richmond

What to expect during your first of 3 sessions:

  - A review and discussion of your personal Bodyfield scan (you will receive instructions on how to scan at home the day before, takes just a minute!). See the video below to learn more.

  - Complete a health intake and discussion

  - Complete a BSR session, fully clothed, on a bodywork table

  - Use of the miHealth device as directed by the scan and the client. See the video below to learn more.

  - Discusses practitioners resources and suggestions for home-practices and life-style changes

What to expect during your follow-up sessions:

 -Review conditions and responses

  -Complete a BSR session with use of the miHealth

  -Discuss client questions, concerns, or need for further resources

  - Monthly personal re-scan and review of Bodyfield is available per request

When booking your first 3 sessions, select a 90 min Initial Session first, then book (2) 60 minute Follow Up sessions.

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