Your 1st Body Stress Release session will include 1 initial complimentary

 NES Health Body Scan

First session - 90 minutes

Follow-up sessions  - 60 min

Initial 3 sessions of BSR, including the scan - $225

$75 - single session

$210 - package of 3

$390 - package of 6

See Into the Wild NES Health page for pricing for Body Scan sessions


What is Body Stress Release?

Body Stress is the term for any tension that is stored in the physical structure that has not managed to release. Over our lives, stress and tension builds up and is stored in our bodies. This often produces incredible discomfort and can result in chronic pain, emotional distress, and illness. The Body Stress Release (BSR) technique uses feedback from the client's body to then precisely apply a gentle and direct pressure, by hand, allowing stored stresses to release naturally. The objective of BSR is to release the tension and stress held in your body in order to facilitate its healing, naturally. BSR is incredibly gentle and uses feedback the body provides to locate stress & tension and release it. BSR helps to reduce the muscle tension so that the nervous system can also function more efficiently and stimulate a healing response throughout the body. As a trained BSR practitioner, Elizabeth uses a specific-to-BSR process to detect how tension is being stored using the body as a biofeedback mechanism. It is the automatic response of the body that provides the information needed to release the body’s stored stress.

It is common for people to want to compare BSR to other modalities. While there may be some similarities, without being an expert in other techniques, I can only describe what BSR is:

  • BSR is a physical, hands-on, technique.

  • BSR is gentle – it does not use manipulation or force the body into any specific state.

  • BSR is very precise – by using feedback from your own body this allows me to correctly pinpoint where stress is being held.

  • BSR encourages the body’s natural ability to heal itself, without using force.

 Beginning BSR. What you need to know...

It is strongly recommended that you complete a series of 3 sessions, initially (booked as close to day 1, day 4, and day 11 as possible). This is important for many reasons. BSR is not a quick fix, but rather a process that begins with 3 sessions. Typically within 3 sessions we can assess whether or not your body is responding to the technique. There are people who do not respond until after the 3rd. In addition, some people respond quickly and intensely after the first session and the follow up sessions are key to helping the body process further and heal. Most people continue with BSR even after the 3 sessions as a part of their regular health care.

Everyone’s BSR journey begins with booking 3 initial sessions and we do our best to schedule sessions on day 1, day 4,  and day 11.

When a person’s body experiences healing through BSR, it is typically referred to as a “release”.  And, while this “releasing” can occur rapidly for some individuals, others respond more gradually and may process each release differently.

Your initial 3 sessions will begin with an intake by Elizabeth, from there, 3 sessions are typically just the beginning of the healing process and will allow the practitioner and client to see a more detailed picture of how your body is responding to the technique and the other complementary techniques explained below . No matter your age or level of stress you have experienced, BSR is an incredible tool in regaining your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

The Benefits of Body Stress Release

The benefits of BSR are nearly endless but there are a few main symptoms clients report and request sessions for:

  • Back Pain

  • Neck Pain

  • Headaches

  • Migraines

  • Improving Energy Levels

  • Stress Management

  • Sciatica Pain

  • Discomfort during pregnancy

  • Management of chronic conditions like

    • Arthritis

    • MS

Each session includes complementary use of...

The NES Health miHealth device. This is a hand-held device that combines a few highly effective technologies including PEMF, SCENAR, TENS, and biofeedback and bioenergetic information. Click the miHealth link to find out all the information.

Each session also incorporates a simple technique developed by Dr. Stephen Kauffman known as Pain Neutralization Technique. Again, this is a gentle, non-invasive technique for turning off pain in seconds, temporarily, using the body's areas of palpatory pain to change the neuromuscular response in the tissue.