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Restorative Exercise Training

"After training on my own for a half marathon, I began to experience knee pain that was keeping me from running more than six miles. My NP recommended physical therapy at place here in town but I wanted to play a role in my healing, instead of relying on someone to “fix me “ and send me away.
I worked with Elizabeth on stretching, posture, and movement, finishing that half marathon six weeks later, pain free.
Elizabeth is wealth of knowledge in her field. We all have the tools to fix ourselves. We just need to be shown the way.
I am home now making sure that I use what I learned from her, every day. Whether I am training for a run or simply driving my car across town, her training is with me. I am more comfortable and without the knee pain, lower back issues, and the tiredness I experienced for years.
I would recommend BSR to everyone out there. Our lives are spent rushing around and sitting more than we should. What if you knew the correct way to walk? The natural way sit so your back doesn’t hurt? I’m thinking we wouldn’t spend so much money on new mattresses and expensive shoes.
Walk barefoot and listen to your body in a way most of us have forgotten how to do. What I’ve learned from Elizabeth is invaluable. I will go back to her again and again throughout my life. This was hands down the best experience I’ve had in playing a role in my health and wellness.
I’m incredibly grateful to know this woman."        

                                                                                                                                                                                                          - Jenna Waters

Movement As Nutrients


Fruits and vegetables, whole cuts of meat, nuts and seeds in their whole, unprocessed form are all foods that deliver the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs to thrive and be resilient to the onset of disease.


Movement can be thought of in much the same way. From the micronutrients of stretching your calves, to the macronutrients of hiking uphill, this program expands on the idea of movement as nutrients for your physiological health and function.


While modern living, in many ways, extinguishes the requirement for movement to achieve nearly anything, the physiological needs of the body for movement remain a primal necessity. When left with a movement deficit, you become susceptible to disease and injury just as you can when missing key nutrients from food.


Restorative Exercise: Meeting You Where You’re At...


Whether you want to restore your movement nutrients to improve athletic performance, to recover from a long sedentary day, or improve decades of a sedentary  lifestyle, my training stye will meet you where you’re at, any stage, any age.


Although I work with every person on how to establish optimal body alignment, this is not a one-size-fits-all approach. I work to gain a thorough understanding of each clients’ goals and what the current state and condition of their body is. From there, I lead my clients through an initial 8-week movement experience which is grounded in the work and training of biomechanist and founder of The Nutritious Movement Center, Katy Bowman.


My clients progress to feeling renewed as they move better and move more often. Pain is reduced or eliminated, physiological functions improve, energy and an overall sense of greater well-being proliferates when moving well and often becomes a priority and way of life!


OK, But What Is It, and Why Should I Start with Elizabeth?


  • Alignment.

  • Awareness.

  • Nutrients.

  • Practice.


  • My restorative exercise techniques are based on my training and certification through the Nutritious Movement Center, founded by Katy Bowman. This approach to restorative exercise starts with the foundation of learning body alignment and why it matters. Body alignment is the practice and skill of physically arranging body parts relative to each other in a way that optimizes each part's purpose, while limiting the over-use of other parts, no matter the body’s overall position. Implementing the use of alignment points helps move more of the body as opposed to habitually moving in ways that tend to underuse some areas of the body while over using others.


  • As each client builds their alignment skills through the 8 weeks, their awareness for how and when they move begins to increase. Awareness allows for the frequent correction and optimization of how one moves AND motivates them to move MORE!


  • While modern living, in many ways, extinguishes the requirement for movement to achieve nearly anything, the physiological needs of the body for movement remain a primal necessity. When left with a movement deficit, you become susceptible to disease and injury just as you can when missing key nutrients from food. Think, a lack of Vitamin C and its connection with scurvy.

  • This program helps introduce more movement nutrients to your body through precision stretching and deliberate movement combinations that feed the body’s physiology in a unique and powerful way, and specific to the client’s body. Each session is recorded for the client’s reference when they work through their custom routines at home and beyond. Each client learns how to increase their daily movement by incorporating simple movements into everyday life activities from brushing teeth to cooking to watching TV.


  • Each session incorporates the implementation of alignment points, stretching, and moving in a way that best supports restoring sedentary areas of the body. In addition to waking up the sedentary, restorative exercise is foundational to executing effective and efficient natural human movements such as crawling, walking, squatting, running, hanging, and more. Modern life has the potential to leave little to no time for movements that feed your body’s primal needs. This program encourages the client to adopt movement as a practice. A “practice” is an intentional and concentrated effort towards building a skill. Because modern living removes movement, putting it back takes effort, intention, and the conscious decision to make a different decision. I encourage my clients to take what they learn in the studio and apply it as a practice in everyday life. 


8 Weeks to a Movement Rich Life

This 8 week program will kick start your quest toward a more movement-rich life. Here is what you will learn and put into practice:


  • Effectiveness, importance, and practice of whole-body alignment

  • How to improve and work with your own unique movement circumstances and limitations and still become movement-rich

  • How to work with your unique movement patterns so you can move more of your body in any situation.

  • How to incorporate more movement into your everyday life

  • How to feed your body with stretches and moves that will restore your movement efficiency and satisfy your primal cravings for movement nutrients

  • Prep for athletic performance, regardless of your sport or event


BONUS: Every session is recorded on your phone so you have full access and easy reference to what you learn each week! No more getting stuck trying to remember what your trainer tells you and feeling lost in between sessions! Your physical competency, self-sufficiency, and fitness-independence is invaluable.


Book a 30 minute Connection Call now to find out if working with Elizabeth is right for you!

"I am so glad I crossed paths with Elizabeth. She not only has great professional skills but she is also such an encourager! I know Elizabeth to be a wonderful communicator. She offers such an individualized program that I am just delighted! I like it that she gives specific, positive feedback after each session and answers all my questions. She’s very punctual and greets me with such enthusiasm for my early morning session. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am! I’ll never forget her three words spoken with such pleasure: “Well done, Pat!”


                                                                                                                                                                                                       -Pat Fossen

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