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Enjoying Nature
Be Free & Fit  12-Week
Health Coaching Program

in-person & remote
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Body Stress Release
in-person only
Mountains and Glaciers
Restorative Exercise Training
in person training only
on-line subscription to movement videos coming soon!


Body Stress Release


 Health Coaching

"I have struggled with my weight and body image most of my life. Elizabeth helped me focus on my mental perspectives vs. diet rules and it has changed everything! Shifting my thought perspectives I know for the first time in my life, this is a forever change. My body is returning to its natural state and it has NEVER felt so simple, guilt and shame free, and sustainable. Thanks Elizabeth for changing my life for the good!!!!"

- Joby Roberts

"Twice weekly headaches were a part of life, and changing pillows every other night was the only minor help I had been able to find until Elizabeth started working on me. I noticed a substantial difference after just 2 sessions. Six months later I do not experience any headaches!"

                                               — Emily L.

Restorative Exercise

"I am so glad I crossed paths with Elizabeth. She not only has great professional skills but she is also such an encourager! I know Elizabeth to be a wonderful communicator. She offers such an individualized program that I am just delighted! I like it that she gives specific, positive feedback after each session and answers all my questions. She’s very punctual and greets me with such enthusiasm for my early morning session. I can’t begin to express how grateful I am! I’ll never forget her three words spoken with such pleasure: “Well done, Pat!”                                                                                                                                                                              

-Pat Fossen

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