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"Twice weekly headaches were a part of life, and changing pillows every other night was the only minor help I had been able to find until Elizabeth started working on me. I noticed a substantial difference after just 2 sessions. Six months later I do not experience any headaches!"

— Emily L. age 34, Mother of 4

Body Stress Release enthusiast

“I sought BSR after a long line of other alternative treatments for migraines and chronic back and neck tension. After my first BSR session with Elizabeth, I immediately felt like I'd been 'unwound.' It felt as though years of tension that had been stored din my body had been released at once, my body could move in all kinds of new ways. Subsequent treatments maintained that sense of body ease and I felt more centered than I had in a really long time! For those of us who are highly empathic, it matters a great deal who we choose to do energy work on our bodies. From the moment I met Elizabeth, I felt very comfortable in this regard. Her presence is calm, inviting, and safe. I've been seeing Elizabeth for BSR weekly for over a year. It is an important part of my pain management and self-care routine. The pain and tension relief I get from BSR is longer lasting than (other modalities I've tried) It's hard to describe BSR, it's something you really need to experience to understand and appreciate! ”

— Christa A., age 42, Mother of 2, Therapist

Body Stress Release enthusiast

"The sessions are very relaxing and immediately Elizabeth was able to read my body and locate problem areas. The technique is gentle but effective. Problems identified quickly become problems solved, and most importantly to me, it seems to have a lasting effect. I would confidently recommend BSR to anyone. Elizabeth is a keen listener, very well informed about how the body works, and assigns 'homework' for me to work on my own to improve my health and performance. I leave each session looking forward to the next!"

— Adam L. age 35, Father of 4, Business Owner

Body Stress Release enthusiast