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NES Health - Bioenergetics

A 1 hour NES Health Body Scan session includes:

  • The proprietary Body Scan

  • Access to your scan, many incredible FREE health resources in the NES client portal and access to the NES Health Shop where you can put your health in your own hands!

  • 5 Infoceuticals (more bottles will be an additional cost of $30 each)

  • A follow-up consultation with Elizabeth to help deepen your understanding of the scan. 

Schedule a session with Elizabeth

"I first heard about Elizabeth when a friend told me how well his health was improving. I asked him what her name was and instantly searched her on the internet to set up my appointment. She was gracious and welcoming and I realize now after many months of working with her that those lovely traits are just as present in her today and are her way of showing up in the world.
I researched NES health system and felt like this kind of well-being wholistic approach was a perfect match for me.
When I met with Elizabeth, I knew I was in special hands. She is knowledgeable and passionate about the system yet she was also very intuitive and in tune with me, my situation and my vibe.
I trust her expertise and her judgement and know that she is dedicated to making me the most healthy me I can be. I know this because I have changed so very much in so many ways since starting on the NES with her. Certain body issues have gradually and sometimes speedily cleared up, my mind and emotions are clearer and sharper and I feel more balanced. I continue my journey with both Elizabeth and NES and am grateful for the consistent growth on my way to my perfect health."

                                                                                  -Kris Jobson

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