A 1 hour NES Health Body Scan session includes:

  • The proprietary Body Scan

  • Access to your scan, many incredible FREE health resources in the NES client portal and access to the NES Health Shop where you can put your health in your own hands!

  • 5 Infoceuticals (more bottles will be an additional cost of $30 each)

  • A follow-up consultation with Elizabeth to help deepen your understanding of the scan. 


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This is a unique 12 week holistic health coaching program designed to guide you through how to reclaim your health and restore your energy and joy for life! The program focuses on learning how to optimize the flow and function of the key areas of your life that most affect your health. Key areas include:

  • Bodyfiled Balance

  •  Your Environment

  • Mindset & Stress Response

  • Movement

  • Food and Supplementation

  • Immune Support

  • Primal Life Principles

The program incorporates the power of the Bioenergetic Wellness System of NES Health and a body scan, plus infoceutical protocol, will be integrated into the program every 4 weeks. This works with clients who are remote or in-person!