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Starting your Christ-Centered Cleanse

Even now, says the LORD,

return to me with your whole heart,

with fasting, and weeping, and mourning;

Joel 2:12

This is a week of fasting from MANY things. It is also a week of slowing down and freeing yourself in the process! In the freed-up self, may you find more space and time to center yourself on Christ, returning to Him everyday.

Before you start the first of 3 movement videos for the week, if you haven't already, remember to take a few minutes to define your measurement of success with the cleanse. It can be anything from how you'll feel by the end to how well you are able to stick to the eating plan to triumphantly swallow each supplement without gagging to using your food prep time as meditative prayer time.

I discuss in the video that this week we are targeting the release and flow of the Lymphatic System.

The lymph is responsible for clearing out toxins and dead and damaged cells among other things. Because your body will be detoxing to some degree, we want to support that process, not just with food, but with movement to keep the lymph flowing and doing a good job of clearing out the gunk. Resting this week doesn't mean you stop moving. In fact, moving is going to be more important, but we want to target certain areas in a specific way. Outside of doing videos, I encourage you to walk, walk, and walk some more. Walk like you mean it, like you are trying to get somewhere to eat more vegetables! Try to use the videos each day, after you listen through the first time you can just skip over my blabbing and get to the moving...

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