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December 11th: Day Four - Pray

“When natural daylight enters the eyes it streams into the pineal gland (an important organ for setting our body clock) and diffuses throughout the body. We need the full rainbow spectrum of the sun to fully energize our body, with different organs requiring different colors in the spectrum to function well. For instance, your kidneys need more red light, your heart more yellow, and your liver more green. With the help of essential fats like DHA within the cell membrane, particles of light (or bio photons) are drawn into the cell. Our cells use bio photons for energy and communication. Think of how most of us feel more energized, uplifted and positive on a sunny day. Sun gazing. Gaze into the rising or setting sun for a couple of minutes but begin with just 15 seconds and build up slowly. This brings full spectrum light into the body and can help to lift the mood.” -NES Health


I challenge you to leave the Red Bull or Monsters behind, and get your energy from the sun today AND each day going forward, pretty much for the rest of your life. After all, it is free! Depending on the time of sunrise where you live, try to get out for some safe sun gazing (when the sun is just barely up or about to go down). Try to do this for the remainder of the challenge by setting an alarm reminding you to go outside. You can couple this time today with the prayer reflection and questions below. Get outside at least 3 times each day to soak up some free energy source from the sun (even if it is cloudy).


VISUALIZATION: From your place in the sun, or your sacred space, take 5 looong, deeeep breaths. Set a timer if you need. Connect with the vision and feeling of being the vessel of ideal health you hold for yourself. Think, feel, and do (in your mind) the things you would do if you had the energy, strength, no pain, and vitality that you desire. Who would you be? I hope you are getting the hang of this visualization. Be bold about it. The mind is a safe space to go on any adventure, anywhere, to do anything you can dream. It is yours to explore and play with. Set aside any objections or neigh-saying your logical mind might want to remind you of as to why your vision is impossible. This is not about achieving any kind of result, it is actually a simple act of faith and, I propose, a way of praying. It is using your imagination to let go of disbelief and objections and to instead ask, seek, and knock through the experience you can imagine in your mind of your physical potential. You can experience this potential first in your mind. God has blessed the human mind with extraordinary will, reason, AND imagination. Remember, even Jesus was once a child with an imagination. So, today, really go for it as you think, feel, and do the things you would if you could. Feel free to bring any Angels or Saints along with you!


Staying in your place in the sun, or your sacred space, REFLECT on the following scripture passage, reading through it at least 3 times. If you would like, write any thoughts in your journal, use the questions below as prompts:

Paul to the Phillipians~

“My eager expectation and hope is that I shall not be put to shame in any way, but that with all boldness, now as always, Christ will be magnified in my body, whether by life, or by death. For to me, life is Christ, and death is gain. If I go on living in the flesh, that means fruitful labor for me. And I don’t know which I shall choose. I am caught between the two. I long to depart this life and be with Christ, (for) that is far better. Yet, that I remain (in) the flesh is more necessary for your benefit.” PHIL 1:20-26

  • Imagining these are your words as you read them or say them out loud, what part do you have the most conviction for?

  • Can you put this passage in the context of your own life, body, and flesh? For example, what is your fruitful labor? Who benefits from the fruitfulness of your life? If you were stronger and had more energy, who else could benefit from your life? Do you live with a sense of shame or a sense of boldness?

  • Do you allow yourself to believe that your body can magnify Christ? Does knowing this inspire you to change anything about your health habits?

  • In what ways do you need to die to yourself or become more disciplined so that the life of Christ has more room to dwell within you and your vessel be filled with His grace and love?


If you haven’t gone outside yet to get some sun, GO DO IT NOW!! Your vessel runs partially on the light spectrum of the sun. Praise God for His creative ways of sustaining us through His creation!!

***Tomorrow’s challenge may call for some extra time in your day. If you can’t execute it tomorrow, please plan a day/time when you can make it happen asap.


A prayer for your day: God of all creation, we praise you for our sun and the order it brings in its rising and setting each day. Thank you for the source of energy and warmth it provides our bodies. Each day the sun rises, it casts out the darkness. May this be our reminder during this time of Advent, that we wait in darkness for your Son the Saviour to cast His light on the whole world that every knee shall bend and every heart be turned toward Him. Amen.

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